This has been the longest week of the entire school year. For those who don't know..I work in an alternative High school setting with at risk youth. They finished their exams on Monday so it has been just myself and the other teacher I work with in our portable...day after day...He comes and goes much more frequently than I do which is fine but damn I am bored. I have organized, cleaned, prepped and I still have Monday and Tuesday to go!! BUT this is my last Friday of work for two months!
I seem to be feeling fine with the Serophene not a lot of side effects so far which is great. I was feeling down yesterday..sad and lonely feeling. I think it was a combination of my day, my Serophene and the fact that I decided to lower my dosage of my depression/anxiety medication. BAD IDEA. So I am back to my regular dosage and think I will be feeling better in no time.
I am hoping the best for this cycle. I am really wishing that with being able to slow down and move at my own pace my body will want to have a little baby inside. Hopefully....


  1. Make sure you keep your head in the right place, which includes the medication. I've come to the conclusion that if I can focus on keeping my head ok, with limited depression and anxiety, I can do anything!

    Definitely hoping this summer and your break will be good for you and your future baby!

  2. I think you've got it made this cycle! Being able to slow down and take a deep breath once and a while does the body so much good. Fingers crossed! ps love the new layout


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