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Well I have made it through another week. I am exhausted, this bronchitis is kicking my ass and it is making it hard to get through the days. I am happy to be back at work even with this cough. My kids are hilarious and I am so proud of some of the teens who are off to a great start when they had such a rough year last year. Oh course two are suspended already but that is how it goes, LOL.

I am re-evaluating my lifestyle choices. Meaning I am looking at how I am looking after myself, what I am doing for myself to keep me and my future baby healthy and happy.
I am going to start yoga classes again. I have no idea why I stopped, when I am going I feel better, more centered. I know this and yet I let myself get off track and stop going. I have also started seeing a holistic nutritionist. She is wonderful and has fabulous energy and is full of life and knowledge. This week I am doing a 7 week food journal and fill out some paperwork. She really is focused on the whole person and I love this. I am going to get back to the gym once I can actually walk without hacking up a lung. I don't know when that will be but hopefully soon.

I feel like I am taking back some control. My life was so wrapped up in the fertility treatments that I did not realize how much of myself I had lost. I was still seeing friends and spending time with hubby and family and not feeling depressed or sad all the time...but I lost a piece of who I was. I lost my love of nutrition and health and am so looking forward to getting it back :)

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  1. I'm sure being back in the swing of things at work will help get you back into yoga and eating right. It always helped me to be back on a schedule. I hope your cough goes away over the weekend for ya!


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