reality v.s JINX

I am at the point of IVF, I know it is not a guarantee. IVF is very expensive and we do not have huge salaries so the amount of money is a pretty big deal. IF IVF does not have a positive result will we try again?? I don't know??? Will we choose to be childless? Will I be ok with that?? 

So here is the current question..... by being realistic by acknowledging that we may not get a BFP am I jinxing us? am I some how accidentally putting it out to the universe that I am ok if we don't get pregnant? But if I am not realistic if I don't think about the what if and what the next steps will be I will be crushed emotionally and unprepared.

I plan on working my ass off to get my body and mind ready for the process of IVF. I recently read a stat that women who have a BMI over 27 are 33% less likely to be successful with IVF. I currently have a BMI of 28.5 so I would love to get it a few points lower than the 27 mark.

sick with a cold and it sucks..talk later


  1. I don't think you are jinxing yourself! You are being realistic but I also think you should remain optimistic! You are doing everything you can to make this IVF work! I have GREAT feelings for you ! But the money issue SUCKS HUGE! So not fair how much it costs! Too bad we don't live in Quebec...it is covered by their version of OHIP! Lucky bums!

  2. My honest opinion is that you're doing just the opposite. It seems to me the universe likes to know that you're not hanging so much on one thing that you'll die without it. (You know, that whole cliche about people adopting and then getting pregnant. By the way, I detest the cliche and have been known to fight the urge to punch people who repeat it to me in an effort to comfort me about my infertility. But with that said, there just may be something to it.)

    Not only are you protecting your heart, you're letting the universe know you'll be fine either way. And I feel like that makes you ripe for the pickin'. Or the impregnatin'. :)


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