falling of the horse...

Well not actually falling. THROWN!! Yes that is right I was thrown of a horse. My class and I went horse back riding and as I was getting on my horse he got scared or somthing and threw me off....the horse master could barley control the horse and could not even get on him. He said he has very rarley seen anything like that before. Of course I am hurt...bruising, pain a badly cut up right arm. No breaks but a possible fracture that could not be deteced...having to wear am arm in my sling. 
As horrible as this is I have to be grateful for the fact that this happened before my IUIs and before the 2 week wait. I cannot imagine the stress I would be going through. Of course I did have to get exrays done and will have to let them know..hopefully it wont matter. I will find out tomorrow when i go in for my first ovulation ultrasound....
I am anxious to get this cycle going with the iui and such :D
Hoping things are good to go tomorrow.


  1. Horses are beautiful animals, but I too had a bad experience where the horse got spooked and I will never ever do it again. Hope you are feeling OK. The good news is that this didn't interfere with IUI -- wouldn't suggest doing anything strenuous during your 2ww. Best wishes for a successful IUI!!! I am crossing my fingers for you.

  2. think of the bright side, maybe it shook some extra eggs loose :)


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