My weekly update

Things are good. I am two more pounds down. A total of seven...I am starting to see some changes in me so that makes me smile.
I am back on with the fertility treatment. I got a passing grade on my day three ultrasound. I am now on 100mg of Sherophene and there are not a lot of side effects except for being tired and my internal body temperature has gone up a bunch and I am hot and my hands are swollen all the time!
I am feeling positive about things. I know I will get pregnant and I know it will be soon..until then I will focus on my weight loss and healthy lifestyle :D By having two goals it allows me to not get obsessed with just one.
I am also starting to plan my garden,we are waiting on grading so we will no be able to put our fence up this summer so it is pots for me. I will be planting a variety of veggies and am looking forward to eating them :D
Talk soon.


  1. I love the happy tone of your post! Congrats with your weight loss! Awesome job! You sound really happy and that will make this cycle alot more "fun" than stressful!

  2. That's awesome about losing 7 pounds. I wish I could get focused on losing weight - my goal is 20 pounds. Good for you - Are you doing it alone or with some assistance from WW? Regardless, kudos to you! Good luck with the fertility treatment this cycle and I'll be sure to stay tuned in.


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