Mothers day

Today is mothers day. So first happy mothers day to all of you moms out there and happy mothers day to all of us moms to be. This is a hard day for many....some because they have lost their mothers or never known their mothers others because they have yet to be a mom. This is a hard day for me.
I was wondering how I would react to today...would I ignore it, be angry or sad. It turns out just a little down...in need of space. I will be seeing my own mommy today and that will help for sure. A hug from her can solve the worlds problems in my opinion.
I went in for my day 11 ultrasound today. There are four follies!!!! They are all a good size so we went ahead with the HCG shot today,  that means IUI Monday and Tuesday. That means next week I will be pregnant, thats right I really beleive it. This is my cycle.
My arm is still very sore and I have a huge bruise on my chest, ouch, I am still generallly in pain but I do have more movement then I did yesterday so that is good. I will spend today relaxing and prepare myself for a week of IUI and work with a busted up body.


  1. Cheer up - that is great news that you have 4 follies today and you get to start your IUI journey to becoming a mom. Turn your down day upside down and keep focusing on the positives! do hope your body recovers soon and all the best with your procedure tomorrow and Tues. Keep us posted!

  2. see the horse shook some eggs out! There is an upside to everything :)

  3. Good luck on this IUI!! I am so inspired by your determined attitude! I just added your link!


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