feeling a bit anxious

To start thanks for the responses through the blog and emails about my dilemia I posted...very helpful :D
I am on cycle 20 and I am 8 days past ovulation...for the past few days I have been crampy :(
not bad cramps but some that come and go. It worries me, of course it does, I know..I know...but it really does. For those of you who have not experienced this path of infertility...well it is really hard to explain  to you how horrible it feels to not know. To go between is that implantation cramps or early period cramps. There really is no way to tell and it sucks. Like a makes me feel sick and want to puke suck.Other body things that suck right now are break out on my chin and damn I am feisty!!!! don't get on my bad side.
So I wait and wait. Since I started this process with the fertility clinic I have not done a home test once. Crazy huh!!! Well this cycle I am thinking about it...If I make it to 14 DPO I think I might test.....maybe......maybe not....maybe.....

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  1. I had cramps around that time too, and it led to a BFP! Don't give up the hope...I know that cramps automatically make us think of AF, but it could be your little baby digging in for 9 months!
    Good luck!


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