waiting and thinking

Well I am five days past ovulation...and I am feeling good. I fully believe this is it....I have a feeling it is possible it is even twins!!! Can you imagine...I find myself talking to my tummy, telling my little eggs to multiple and cozy in. Plently of eggs and little guys to make it all happen...so this is it. The prospect of that has had me thinking.....How and when will I tell all, when will I blog the good news. You see unlike most of you I have been very open with my friends and family about my blog. Friends and loved ones read all  my updates. They know where I am in my journey at all times. This has been a wonderful way to keep everyone in the loop, to let them know how I am. It allows people to not ask me a million questions when they see me...and for me to NOT have to answer them. SO...If I get pregnant when do I blog about it. If I blog it right away not only will you my bleeps know but so will everyone else I know and love. Do I want that?? The time period of keeping it between hubby and I will not exist for very long....If I decide not to post my family and friends will go crazy with wondering, they have been with me on this journey the whole time..is it fair to take them out of the loop.
I am leaning towards complete honesty and openness...everyone knows about my cycles and counts and what not so perhaps it is the next logical step.  In fact all of you (friends and family included) are reading this now....I think you will want to know straight from the beginning to be with me on the full journey, this was my intention.
Any thoughts on this...family and friends and bleeps...what would you do???


  1. honestly Lisa, I think you could not blog or tell a tiny fib if you felt you needed to...we would all understand. Do what is best for you and don't worry about us.

  2. I agree with Rin, do what you feel is right for you and everyone will understand!!!!

  3. Keep talking to those eggies! Hoping this tww goes by quick and you get your awesome BFP ASAP! Of course I totally want to know your result ASAP but if you decide to hold off telling the bloggie world I'll be here waiting to hear when you are ready!

  4. You should do whatever makes you feel comfortable. And EVERYONE will understand!

    For me, although none of my friends/family IRL know about my blog, I have told an inner circle about all my fertility woes and challenges. They knew all the steps leading up to the BFP, so I thought it would be weird to not tell them about a BFP. So as soon as I told my Hubs, I told the inner circle. I figure, no matter what happens, I will need those folks for support!

    Now following you to see what happens - really hope this is it!!!


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