not happy, not at all.

Today was my day three ultrasound...during this they check to see how things are going..whether or not there is anything new or unusual.
Well there was...two cysts. You see I have 6 follies and only 4 ovulated so the other two stuck around. I was told it would most likely not be an issue but that I may get a phone call.
I got a phone call, I was told that the two cysts were estrogen producing meaning there is no medication or IUI this cycle...no nothing really. Just good old natural trying. The reason for this is that if I was to take my Serophene it would increase the estrogen in my body dramatically making the cysts painful and most likely they would rupture. yuck. So here I am ready for round three and my body has put on the breaks.
I am pretty upset only because I felt like I was in a good head space for trying this next cycle and now it feels all turned around....sort of topsy turvy....so I will be angry for a little and then I will move on. Tomorrow I am getting my hair done and I had been contemplating a pedicure...I am getting the pedicure for SURE now.


  1. Oh that sucks!!! I'm so sorry about those stupid cysts!!! DEFINITELY get the pedicure - you deserve it!

  2. cysts suck! I had them a few times and they sure pissed me off! are they putting you on BCP? I had to take that to help the cysts go away and it just felt so counter productive! ugh! anyways, try to cheer up and enjoy your pedi!

  3. that f***'n sucks...and you know I don't swear so it means it really sucks. Just keep hoping and trying Lisa and I will try to send some positive vibes out to speed things along.

    love you lots!


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