10 days to go

10 days! YIKES!!!!! How am I going to keep myself busy for 10 days!!! I test on July 17.....
Now here is the thing about July 17...it is my sisters birthday, that's right my sister is turning 30 this July 17 and what a wonderfully cool thing if we get a positive result on that day! I am thinking this is it, thinking positive, lots of green light.

In other parts of my world it is hot, holy cow it is hot. 43 with the humidity everyday, I am so grateful I have air conditioning.  I remember when I didn't have air and how brutal it was and my heart goes out to all those without a/c.
I have officially hit a plateau with my weight loss so am amping everything up a little. My lofty goal is to lose two pounds this week and next...possible...so we shall see.

Nothing else to report. To all of you hating the heat like me...stay cool.


  1. I hope this 10 day wait goes well and very fast for you!!! Let us know how the weight loss goes - good luck!

  2. 10 days!?!?!? I can't wait. Hugs, hugs, hugs!

  3. wow 10 days! Hope it goes quickly and you get GREAT news at the end of it!!!

  4. still thinking preggy thoughts for you! Plus with me away you can have all the positive energy without my birthday stealing them from you.


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