The list continues...

Today is number 2 on the list. My favourite movie. Again...I don't have one. That's right I don't have a favourite movie...I enjoy watching movies..love comedies and Disney movies but am not a movie lover. I went to an arts high school and majored in theatre. With that came a large group of friends who were crazy for movies. They loved actors and directors and the intense scenes that happen in movies like The Godfather and American Beauty. Me...not so much.

In the world of me things are going well...I am remaining quiet about what my choices will be this cycle because I am not sure what I plan on doing....however I am very excited because today I made a big purchase for myself.  I bought myself a netbook!!!! That is right I am writing this blog on it right now, my very own computer. I have been saving money for myself for awhile now..I didn't really know what I was saving for until this little thought came to mind. NETBOOK, my very own to write on when I please and to call my own. I finally feel like an adult!!!

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  1. ohh a netbook that is so exciting!! Good for you I bet it's amazing!


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