when fear rears its ugly head

I am now 7 days away from my blood test which would tell me if I am preggers...and I am scared....I try and keep positive and tell myself this is it, there is no reason why it cant be, but the little anxiety monster in me says..maybe not.
I am not feeling great today...I have a back ache and a hint of cramping and I am blah feeling.

I am so worried that this means this cycle did not work..I wonder then what next??

Please send  positive vibes my way...I know that at this point I am either pregnant or not but the positive thoughts cant hurt.


  1. Okay beautiful! This HAS to make you feel better. For two weeks before I got my beautiful BFP, I carried the "essentials" in my purse, car, desk drawer, etc. because based on the way I felt, I was expected lovely AF any moment.

    She never showed... and now I'm 13.5 weeks pregnant.

    Chin up, it's hard to tell the different between AF and BFP. They're very much the same. ;)

    Wishing you tons of luck!!!

  2. Sending you positive vibes!!

  3. sending lots and lots of positive vibes and thoughts!


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