These are a few of my favourite things!

Yes favourite things...20 to be exact. Here they are.

1. My cat
2. My bunny
3. My hamster
4. yoga
5. blogging/writing
6. A great book
7. a good cup of tea
8. A massage
9. sleeping in
10. getting my hair done
11. baking
12. scrap booking
13. a really good belly laugh
14. sitting at a campfire
15. boxing day - not the shopping just the day with my family
16. shopping with my mom
17. Coffee with friends
18. Walt Disney World
19. Quebec city - I want to retire there!
20. Sharing a bag of smokey bacon potato chips with my hubby


  1. I can honestly say that I agree with ALL of these except #15 and #19... and that's only because I haven't experienced them. Too bad we don't live closer to each other, we have a lot in common! :)

  2. "A good cup of tea" - that was always the cure-all in my family. Tea, toast, bath and bed still tends to fix most things for me. :o) Great list!


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