jumping the gun?? ahhh who cares!

Yes I jumped the gun I went out and bought a pregnancy journal/planner. You see I am a planner and organizer and am always on a need to know basis, I also love to research things. When we were getting married I had a planner and could not have lived without it. Now I know I have not gotten a BFP and I know I may have to put this book away but I don't care. I am enjoying going through it and since pregnancy is just around the corner no matter what. Why the hell not!!!

As for Hope..she is giving my parents a run for their money...she goes from bad to worse and then not so bad...The wonderful news is that she has eaten today!!!!! this is big and we are hoping for a little more time with her because of this. Please keep our little kitty in your thoughts as she is so sweet.

Later skaters.

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