8 days

Well it is eight days past ovulation and things are going smoothly....I have had a little pain on my right side, nothing big. I did wake up last night with the worst night sweat!!!!! OMG! seriously it was horrible my hair was soaked around the neck...yuck. It was very odd since I usually only get these when I am on Clomid or right after my HCG shot.
Other than that nothing new...we have acutally started to get a real snowy winter here in Ontario unfortunatly it has come at a point when we are all really needing spring to arrive. We continue to keep our t.v tuned to the olympics here in our house. We are ready to watch the womens hockey tonight! GO CANADA GO!!!

loving my hubby and cat and looking forward to the weekend.


  1. Night sweats are so awful! I have been getting them too on my fertility meds, ick. wishing you lots of luck and babydust! You're halfway through the 2ww! Woo hoo!

  2. We're all rooting for an olympic gold for you and John too.


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