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Well, went to the clinic today and it seems my system is working quickly again...Day 10 and two little eggs are ready to go!!! got my HCG shot so things are in motion. Tomorrow we do our first IUI and then we do a second one the next day. They like to do two so that they cover all the bases. So hubby has to go in both mornings for 7:30 am and then I go in at 10:00 am for the actual IUI on both days. I am feeling pretty good about it all. I am realzing that I am going to get pregnant, there is no reason why I shouldn't. Tests have come back fine, hubby is fine. I am getting great treatment and have great support so...it is going to happen. I just need to keep an open mind and think positive and allow things to come as they may.
Off to watch olympics - GO CANADA!!!!!

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  1. Yeah! so happy to find another IFer who is cheering for CANADA! Woo hoo!


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