getting there...

Ok so today is a bit better...I am still not feeling well, but the problem really is that I am not feeling healthy. Work is stressing me out, money is stressing me out..I have just realized we have already spent over 500 dollars for two rounds of fertility treatment and money is tight. breath just breath.....John is going to take over the books for right now. Stress is bad, very bad especially when you are trying to have a baby...
So with the feeling stressed and the feeling unhealthy I am looking forward to my reiki treatment tomorrow. It will help cleanse my chakras and what not and help me get back on track this weekend. I am going to dedicate this weekend to me and my body and mind.
Still off the progesterone. Gave me the most HORRID 'Y' infection, the worst ever. It is getting better though so I am going to stay off the progesterone and see how it goes and then talk to the doctor about what other form of progesterone I can take for the next cycle (fingers crossed there isn't)
Tomorrow is Friday. THANK GOD!!!!!!! and I will be in much better spirits on Sunday night.

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  1. Rest relax and enjoy your weekend
    I hope you are both feeling better


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