Olympics and the Hamster

Tonight the Olympics start in my wonderful country!!!!!!! I am so excited to watch it. Hubby and I LOVE that Olympics, seriously we get the Olympic fever.
To add to my excitment today I had to take my hamster to the vet. Yes I took her to the vet...I know, I know...its a hamster BUT I love her. She has an absess around her cheek/food pouch. So the lucky vet had to drain it, gross, and nowI have to give her anti-biotics and animal advil daily to keep her from getting sick. Never in my life did I think I would do this. But I am telling you seeing her and my cat sleeping beside each other knowing she is on the mend...makes me happy.
The Clomid is making me weepy this time around, don't know why...but I tear up really easy right now. My face is still breaking out, sucks. Also I had chicken wings for dinner and now feel guilty. Classic.
Tonight I am putting on my jammies, having a tea and watching the Olympics
GO CANADA!!!!!!!


  1. Go easy on yourself, I think it's a law that chicken wings and sports have to go together!! You get a free pass during the Olympics!!

  2. Erin MacLellan2/13/10, 7:26 PM

    poor bella! I hope she is feeling better!


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