Early arrival

Well last night the cramps began. I knew, I knew it was not implantation cramps I knew what it was. This morning confirmation. No need to do the pregnancy blood test on the 11th, it would be negative. Today I feel pretty good. Not great but I am managing. I so wish it had been positive this month but it wasen't and there is only so much a girl can do....
Wednesday I go for my 3 day u/s check, to make sure everything looks good to start this next cycle. This cycle will be our first IUI cycle...makes me a little nervous and a little more hopeful which in turn than makes me more nervous...you get the idea.
I am really trying to look within myself right now..If I say I am going to go to the gym why don't I go, if I say I am going to eat better why don't I? Something to work on this cycle.
One of the gifts this adventure has given me is the ability to look within myself, be critical towards my lifestyle or habits and want to change them. I do not want to be that person who sabotages themselves and gains weight and then wonders why she can't get pregnant. I am a little chubby to begin with...I don't need anymore fat on me to make my body work any harder. I am trying to get rid of that fat. Today though, I was in La Senza trying on bras and I felt like a pilsbury dough girl. Yuck. Need to get working.
I wait and see what day three brings...


  1. I'm so sorry. It's exciting to look forward though and know your plan. IUI. It is a fairly simple procedure and definitely worth getting excited about!! (better then being blue) Hang in there!

  2. so sorry that AF arrived early. I hope this IUI brings you 2 pink lines!

  3. Rosanne Cliff2/9/10, 3:47 PM

    Lisa you're adorable and just right!!!!!!!!! You'll get back on track; remember each day is new and you make your choices for that day, yesterday is the past.
    Everything will happen in its own time and for some reason you,re meant to go through this journey. If you learn more about yourself that will make you stronger and able to handle all life's twists and turns. You and Sarah have tremendous courage and I admire and feel honored that you both are such an important part of my life.
    Keep those positive thoughts because they do make a difference. Thanks for letting me share your adventure cause I adore both you and John and like been part of your life.
    Luv as always Rosanne


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