Today is Sunday, I am feeling a bit better. The Reiki did wonders for my energy, it was very interesting because my practioner saw a stopwatch when cleansing my uterus and it showed the hands spinning around an around...the only number that was came up was the number 6. Who knows what that means but it is interesting. I went out with  my a great girl friend and we talked and talked and talked, very fun. It also helps that it is sunny out that lifts my spirits.
Bummer is that I still have a 'Y' infection I tried monistat and it was a disaster!!!! it reacted very badley with me. So I have now moved on to canesten, it seems to react better with me. So I am hoping that within the three days this thing will be GONE!!!!!
Today I plan to go for a walk in the sun and go grocery shopping for good stuff for us.
Happy Superbowl Sunday! (I don't actually watch football but seems like the right hting to say)

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