The wait begins

Well it is done. The two IUI's are complete and now we wait. I feel good about the whole thing, although my speculum anxiety did not make it an easy process. Seriously I hate that thing!!! But with the whole thing done I feel happy about the possibilities. We have chosen not to do progesterone this cycle the doctor feels it is not that necessary I am fine with this considering last cycles experience. I asked the doctor the usual parinoid thoughts...how long should I lie down, can I exercise and such. He told me that there is no way those little suckers are going to fall out so not to worry. I can breath a sigh of relief.
So hopeful we are. Which I thinkis important, one must be hopeful.


  1. Happy to hear the IUI went well! Now the wait is on! Ugh...
    Try to keep yourself nice and distracted!
    :) LTB

  2. Yay!!! Congrats Congrats! Welcome to the 2ww. (looks like you're only 4 days behind me) I'm crossing my fingers for you and your hubs. Cute new picture of the two of you!!!

  3. That's great Lisa. I'm so glad everything went well.

  4. Glad to know they won't fall out. I'll definitely need to know that for future reference because it's something I ALWAYS think about. ;o) GOOD LUCK! I sooo hope this is it!

  5. good luck on the 2ww! I hope that this is it!


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