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So I have gotten over my 'Y' infection...I have gotten over the fact that my period has come and gone. I have gone for my day 3 ultrasound and the IUI is a go. Yes that is right we are moving onto the next step.
I have had a few rough days at work, when it rains it pours. Kids are getting into trouble every where I look and it is SO frustrating. There is little we can do to control it but the amount of time and support that go into my days and the fact that there are very few positive outcomes is exhausting.
I am also frustrated with myself because I have now gained five pounds since my adventure began and that is just not ok. It bothers me that I am not doing what I should be doing...I feel out of control.
I am looking forward to moving forward to IUI to see what the process is to see where it takes us. I am hoping for positive results.
I think the long weekend will help me (yay family day!) It is also nice that it is that same weekend as valentines day. We are hoping to spend lots of quality no worry time together. We have no appts. or ultrasounds during that weekend just time for us. We are going out to dinner (thanks mom and dad)  and spending time at home. Money is really tight so there won't be anything elaborate. But all we really need is each other :D
Off to watch Oprah!

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