Tonight is another cold one. I am sitting here on my yoga mat with the hot water bottle. I got a lovely present today, I had orderd some yoga tights from Lululemon and they arrived :D I am wearing them now, very comfy. Today I carry on with my purusharthas...Today is Artha
Artha refers to prosperity, abundance and success. It is to live with ease in our world. You need artha to maintain Dharma...

Knowing my Dharma what do I need to play my role in the world?
To practice my Dharma, I need to be able to have a home to have a car to get around when I need to, it gives me a sense of independence. I need to have clothes and other things that can make me feel good about me...it is important to feel good about me so I can help others feel good about themselves. I also need my wedding rings to always remind me of my husbands love.

Where do I place value?
I would love to be able to say that I place no value on material things but that would not be true and defeat the purpose of this exercise. I do place value on material things, it is important for me to look good and feel good. It is important for me to have pretty things. However I do not place these things above love, committment, friendship and time. I recognize that these are the highest values in my life.

Do I have enough?
Yes, yes, yes I do have enough.

Are my things making me happy or are they stealing my joy?
Things can steal my joy..what I mean is that I do like things. Also starting out as a young couple we need things...this however can put us in some debt, not a staggering amount but any debt is bad in my opinion, so yes it can take away happiness.
I do however enjoy the things I have in my life and feel I am not excessive in nature this make me feel statisfied in myself.

Am I afraid of having more?
I am not afraid of having more, I am afraid of wanitng more and what that can bring. I fear being in some huge amount of debt that would just eat me and my family alive. I need to be stable and secure.

What does wealth mean to me besides money?
Wealth is love and friendship.

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