change is in the air....

To begin it is clear the 30 day blog challenge was a fail for me. Although it did serve its purpose at the time...it kept me preoccupied.

Yesterday I turned 33 I had a wonderful birthday, went to Stratford with Hubby saw Evita. I also got my hair done...it was pretty long and needed to be cut so I got about 2/3 inches off some new colour in and I feel great. Overall and fab birthday.

Now for the real news. We went to see our doctor last week to see where we stand after four IUI's with great sperm and eggs. He informed us that we have unexplained infertility...my PCOS is no mild it is non existent. I respond great to meds and get results that most women need much more expensive meds to get. Hubby's sperm look great, wonderful in fact. So the explanation is that there is no real explanation. Unexplained Infertility. Shit.
With that diagnosis on the table Doctor told us that doing more IUI will continue with a negative result and that we should prepare to move onto IVF. YUP!!! The big guns.
We have our meeting with the IVF nurse in September along with a information night. At first we thought we would go right ahead with IVF in October...but then I had a major panic attack and realized I was not ready for the assault on my body that is IVF. PLUS the cost, damn, expensive. So we have made our decision. Take a break, about 6 months. In February/March we will begin the process. This will allow us time to save money and to mentally and physically prepare for what is ahead. I am looking forward to meeting with the nurse to find out all the details to give me lots to research over the next 6 months. I am also looking forward to some time where I can do things for me...to be a little selfish for a little while.

So that is all....who knows where this long road will lead us but I am looking forward to it.


  1. Wow, good for you. I mean, not good in the fact that you've been told to proceed onto IVF, but so good for you to know that you need a little break, until you start the process. It must be nice at least to have a plan in place. I'll be so excited for you when the time comes to start!!

  2. Have you had immunology testing? I recently had a bunch of blood tests done - it was done for miscarriage, but since getting my diagnosis of MTHFR mutations, I've read that things like this can cause both miscarriages and "unexplained infertility." I personnally think unexplained doesn't make much sense - based on my research, I think it means that the docs haven't done enough testing. May be worth it to do a bunch of testing before you move to the next IVF step. My insurance paid for it all since it was diagnostic, not treatments. Just a thought!

  3. All testing seems to have been done...there is a thought that it is an issue with when the sperm and egg meet. Unfortuntatly for the specific issue they are looking at there is not a test for yet...hence unexplained infertiliyt...which really means infertility they dont have a test for yet.


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