new in the world

Hello all...well things in my world are going smoothly...School is starting soon so I am going to enjoy my last few days of freedom. I am looking forward to going back..seeing the kids and getting back into a routine.

My world of IVF continues...we are going to wait until February/March for sure and are going to save like crazy people. I am going to get a second job - part/time to help cover off some of the costs. It will make me feel like I am being proactive. I am still trying to lose weight to help me body prepare for pregnancy...I have hit a plateau and am frustrated but plan on persevering, I refuse to let myself stay in this spot or fall back. I must move forward.

As for Bella the hamster, she is good..really good. She is still on her medication and looks like she is feeling pretty good.

That's about it. Later skaters.

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  1. Good for you! I hear ya on the routine thing - summer always throws me off, too.
    So happy to hear Bella's feeling better. :o)


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