looking forward to some relaxation...

Today I am leaving for a few days to go to a resort/spa with my Mom. I am SO looking forward to it. I need some time to recharge and unwind. Plus it will be so nice to spend some time with just my Mom.
However leaving means I need to leave my Bella (sick hamster) I know many people out there scoff at the idea of taking a hamster to a vet and giving it medicine. But to me and hubby she is part of our family and we look after family to the best of our ability. She has an infection that wont go away and gets medicine 3 times a day. It is very difficult when something is so small and fragile and you are so helpless to do more. The reality is that we wont have her for much longer. So the goal is to keep her quality of life high and to keep her happy. My hubby will look after her well I will just worry about her.
Off to pack and then off to the be pampered!!


  1. Totally get the caring for a sick hamster thing. She's a little creature that you love - you do what it takes to make her happy and well!
    Oooh, totally jealous of your spa trip. Enjoy yourself!!

  2. Enjoy your day and relax as much as possible!

  3. Love the pic of the hamster - hope she gets better very soon!


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