confusion of an animal lover...

For all of you animal lovers and pet owners out there I think you will understand this post...

As you know my hamster Bella has been quite sick. She has an infection somewhere that they could maybe find through surgery but there is no guarantee...so she is on medicine. One of the things that comes along with this infection is abscesses and an increase in difficulty in her sinuses...so her breathing can be a bit funky. So here is the question every pet owner has to answer. When is it time...when is it time to say goodbye....how do you make that choice for another living being that cannot tell you what they want.
It is hard on me...I am way to empathetic on a good day but this week I have been a wreck, balling at the drop of a hat. I have told hubby the final call will be his. I will not resent him for his choice. Bella seems fine when you look at her besides the big gross scab the last abscess has left on her head but she is really only sleeping now and is not nearly as active. I wonder if she is not in pain do we let her live the natural course of her life, what is left????? I know many of you out there are thinking...goodness it is just a hamster. But hamster or not I love her and she has stolen my heart and I know she will break it when she passes.

Here is hoping to another good few days with my darling girl.


  1. This is so tough - I'm so sorry that you are having to make decisions about Bella like this. Unfortunately, I've had to make the decision to put down pets before, and it's completely heart-wrenching. For me, there have been two factors that I've considered - are they in pain, and do they have a quality of life. It sounds like little Bella doesn't have pain, so that's good. But her quality of life, if all she is doing is sleeping, isn't really there like it used to be.

    I don't know what to tell you to do. All I can say is cuddle a little with Bella, and listen to your gut. Hugs to you - I know this is tough!

  2. I'm so, so sorry to hear that.

    I've been through this, and wouldn't wish it on anyone. In our case, I almost hoped our little cat would be taken quickly and suddenly so we wouldn't have to decide. Though, a day came three years ago and we all just knew that we could keep our darling little cat around for just us. She wasn't in pain, but she couldn't breathe (she had asthma that we treated with puffers, pills and injections for approximately 10 years). Usually she would bounce back from attacks, but the last time, she was in distress for approximately 24 hours, and it was almost as though the decision was made for us.

    I don't know what to tell you either - it's a very personal decision and each case is different. As much as I miss our Lucy, I know we did the right thing, and we take comfort in knowing that we gave her a good life and couldn't have done any more for her than what we did. It sounds like you've done the same with Bella.

    I completely agree with Alex: cuddle with Bella, talk about it with your husband, and you'll know the right thing to do.

  3. Bella is such a sweetie, I am sad that her illness is bringing her down. Giver her lots of cuddles and attention and you will know when the right time is.


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