Before I begin with the 30 day blog post. I want to give an update on Bella...she is well the same. She seems happy she is sleeping a lot but is still loving her snuggles and so we are at a stand still. My goal is to let her live her natural life...I hope we can. Thank you for those who left comments they brought me to tears, literally. The support from this community is amazing.

As for my hobby.

Well I have many hobbies...many things I like to do. So I will choose two.

1. Reading..I LOVE to read...crazy for reading. In fact I am joining a book club this September!!!  So exciting.

2. Scrap booking...love it. Simply love it.

As for fertility. I am doing pretty good...I promise and 'real' update is to come soon...I am still needing some time.....


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  1. Glad to hear you made a decision about Bella - keep snuggling that sweet girl.

    I love reading, and hate scrapbooking. But we can still be friends.

    Really want an update.


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