song and art

Ok....so a song that makes me cry.....EASY!!!! Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes...I could be anywhere and hear that and ball!!!!!! It is beautifully haunting....the Scot in me reacts to this song strongly.

As for an art piece....well..I don't really know.I enjoy art, I like to have it in my house but to think of an art piece I love. Well I come up blank. So sadly I don't have anything for this post.

Had a wonderful time with my mom, it was really nice just to spend some time with her. Ate GREAT food and relaxed. Of course the spa was great, mani and pedi, done wonderfully. For those in the GTA area go to Hockley Valley for the food and spa, well worth it.

As for fertility...I am still keeping things to myself right now but I want you to know I am happy with where I am and with this choice for now.

happy Saturday

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  1. Amazing Grace always gets me... Glad you had a nice spa day for mom!


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