to dream...

Todays topic of this 30 day blog challange is dream house. What would be my dream house. I actually think I have two.

1. A beautiful farm house built on a hobby farm. This is not about the house but about the farm. The idea of having most of my food come from my own large garden, fruit from my own trees and eggs from my own chickens...well....it would be amazing!!!!! Hubby and I try and eat and live fairly clean lives with our food and the way we run our household...so to live off the land would be beautiful.

On the other hand......

2. A condo or small home in Quebec City...Old Quebec. Surrounding by history, culture and beautiful kind people and immersed in the french language and culture. To never have to drive anywhere. To walk and ride my bike safely down old cobbles streets. This too is a dream....


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  1. Someday my Lisa, we'll have a Mrs. Pepperpot of our own! Je t'aime ma belle!


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