monday, monday

Good Morning

Well I am up much earlier than I would like to be on a Monday that is my summer vacation but here I am....had to drive Hubby to the car shop to get the car looked at and then onto his work. I am back at home now but still feeling that groggy sleep feeling that comes from rolling out of bed into your car without washing your face or putting on deodorant.

I have curly hair...so what you think. Well I never had curly hair before! I have always had wavy hair, thick wavy hair but since I began fertility treatments and have had a variety of hormones pushed through my body my hair has sprung out of control!!!! I got a hair cut a few days ago to help tame it and now love it!!!!!!!

Yesterday I also realized how much I love being an aunt. Dealing with infertility has made it difficult in the past. I had trouble getting past the sadness and jealousy that she was not mine...that I did not have a child. Well I still might find myself in that dark place every now and again but I no longer wallow in it. I enjoy my time with my niece and love watching Hubby with her. She is a fab little girl who's giggle will melt your heart. No matter where my path takes me I know I will be a frickin fabulous aunt. That counts for something.

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  1. What an adorable picture! Being an amazing aunt definitely counts for something - a lot!!! No matter what, you can be a huge influence in this little girl's life.

    Very interesting that fertility treatments made you hair curly - it looks fabulous!


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